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I tried to build my code on top of the software but failed. I'm using log4net. Additionally, I'm having trouble getting the "using" statement to work in this particular scenario. Can I please get some help on what I'm doing wrong. I'd like to specifically ask about the context in which the using statement is placed and the usage. The situation: #include "log4net.h" void main() { DataTable dt; dt = DataReader("select * from data"); } log4net I had to configure the log4net file in order to configure the appender to log. The problem is that the log4net seems to have been configured with the app.config file(correct config but with different name). I need to edit the app.config file but I have no idea how to tell the log4net library the name of the config file. This seems to be a problem cause I'm getting an error. A: The config file "app.config" is the default one. You can create a customized config file with this approach: var xmlConfig = new XmlConfigOverrides(); XmlConfigurator.Configure(xmlConfig); XmlConfigurator.Configure(typeof(Log4NetAppender)); For more details please refer to the follow sample from log4net documentation. The config file will be the same as the one created by the default XmlConfigurator.config, with the following exceptions: The log4net namespace will be configured with the default namespace settings. There will be no root element The element will point to the XmlConfigurator class Q: Keeping Records based on a dataframe I am trying to create a dataframe with all the records in the dataframe that were not in the original data frame. I have tried using dropna in Pandas but it does not produce the results I am looking for. I have tried using the answers I have seen in this question and this question. Example of the dataframe I am working with: df = pd.DataFrame({'UserID' : ['1030', '1030', '1027', '1027'], 'ItemID' : ['ABC1', 'XYZ1', '123', '

Meevia 20.52.21 Crack

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